James Damore, Fired Google Engineer and his Atty Harmeet Dhillon

White males object to stereotypes at Google headquarters, fired for being “UnGoogley” according to complaint filed in Santa Clara, CA Superior Court

Two White males, one Conservative and a Trump supporter and one who is a  Liberal but opposed to hiring specifically based on gender and skin color, were fired from Google for their views, sex and skin color.

Today, they fought back against the culture at Google to silence conservative or dissenting viewpoints.

There are several other “John Does” in the lawsuit, but because of the amount of hostility and retaliation, they are not being named publicly.

It is clear in the complaint that any White Male who espouses support for President Trump and/or any views that would be construed as Conservative are not only subjected to, but ENCOURAGED by upper level management to be targeted, harassed and bullied into quitting or are fired outright.

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon said “dozens” of current and former Google employees have reached out to her firm after learning she is representing Damore because they’ve suffered similar discrimination.

James Damore, Fired Google Software Engineer

The 150+ page Complaint reads in part:

“…… in violation of California law, Google employees who expressed views deviating from the majority view at Google on political subjects raised in the workplace and relevant to Google’s employment policies and its business, such as “diversity” hiring policies, “bias sensitivity,” or “social justice,” were/are singled out, mistreated, and systematically punished and terminated from Google, in violation of their legal rights.

“Google’s open hostility for conservative thought is paired with invidious discrimination on the basis of race and gender, barred by law. Google’s management goes to extreme—and illegal—lengths to encourage hiring managers to take protected categories such as race and/or gender into consideration as determinative hiring factors, to the detriment of Caucasian[s]”
James Damore, Fired Google Engineer and his Atty Harmeet Dhillon

Google actually gives bonuses to bully conservatives.

Google actually gives bonuses to bully Conservatives

“Damore, Gudeman, and other class members were ostracized, belittled, and punished for their heterodox political views, and for the added sin of their birth circumstances of being Caucasians and/or males. This is the essence of discrimination—Google formed opinions about and then treated Plaintiffs not based on their individual merits, but rather on their membership in groups with assumed characteristics.”
Damore was a model Google employee who received eight performance bonuses. He also received $150,000 per year in stock bonuses since he started working at the company.
Despite this, he was terminated from his job after publishing his infamous 10-page memo, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”
Conservatives have long thought their viewpoint is discriminated against in Google’s search ranking. With an unvarnished look into Google’s Culture…. they seem to consider all conservatives

Source: CSC MediaGroup USA