North and South Korea’s Olympic Committees reach agreement

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In says President Trump deserves ‘big’ credit for bringing about Korean talks

The talks were held on Tuesday on the South Korean side of the demilitarized zone. The talks were the first inter-Korean talks in more than two years.  He also warned that Pyogyang (North Korea) would face stronger sanctions if their nuclear provocations continued. The South Korean President said they probably would not have happened without President Trump’s strong public stance against North Korea.

“I think President Trump deserves big credit…..”

During a new conference, Moon Jae-in said, “I think President Trump deserves big credit for bringing about the inter-Korean talks.”  He told this to reporters.

Trump had claimed credit, much to the derision of the US MSM

Trump had claimed that talks between North and South Korea likely would not have occurred without his tough rhetoric against North Korea and Kim Jong-Un. MSM had a heyday deriding him about it.

International correspondents in Seoul say Mr. Moon treading a difficult line

Mr. Moon does have a difficult diplomatic line between wanting dialogue with the North, but not wanting to annoy the US or undermine economic sanctions.

Russia welcomes military agreements

The Russian foreign ministry also welcomed the agreements reached to negotiate over military issues.

“We hope that their implementation will serve to de-escalate tensions on the Korean peninsula and foster stability in this region,” the Russian foreign ministry said.

The agreements proposed from South Korea in regards to the Olympics could go a long way toward normalizing relations

2016 Summer Olympics North(L) and South Korean(R) gymnasts posed for a selfie

Some of the suggestions proposed were:

  • The South said it would consider temporarily lifting some sanctions
  • North Korea will send athletes, supporters and journalists to the Winter Olympics in South Korea
  • South Korea proposed that athletes from both Koreas march together
  • The South pushed for the reunion of family members separated by the Korean War
  • The South also proposed resuming negotiations over military issues and the North’s nuclear program

North Korea is one severely OPPRESSED country.

The more you learn about North Korea, the more sick , brainwashed and oppressed you realize the country is.

It seems that the truth is starting to leak out more and more. Kim Jung -Un may be desperate to not reveal what is really going on.  The Nuclear issue may be one big “Hey look over there” to divert attention from one horrible humanitarian crisis.

Kim Jong-Un is not just the leader of a regular country, but a truly sick despot.

You can actually see the fear on the faces of those pictured. And what is really sad, is realizing that they know if they do or say ANYTHING wrong, they and their families will probably killed upon returning to North Korea.

One brave young girl exposed the truth of what life in North Korea is all about

Park Yeon-mi (born 1993) rose to global prominence after she delivered a speech at the One Young World 2014 Summit in Dublin, Ireland. It is an annual gathering of young people seeking to help solve global problems.

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Here is a more detailed version of the video above.

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This author has been a critic of President Trump’s tough Tweets on North Korea. If those Tweets help to shine a light and make a much needed change there, I owe him an sincere apology.

I wonder if ANY in MSM will do the same?

Source: CSC MediaGroup USA