While many in the mainstream media slammed those who claimed that former President Barack Obama’s administration used the dossier, in part, to spy on Trump and his former campaign officials, one top conservative called it months ago.

On Wednesday, Fox News Contributor Sara Carter published a bombshell report indicating that sources confirmed to her that the FBI used the Trump-Russia dossier to obtain a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on Trump’s campaign.

In March, conservative commentator Mark Levin detailed on his radio show how he believed there was “overwhelming” evidence to support claims that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign for several months before the 2016 presidential election.

At the time, Levin was smeared and labeled a conspiracy theorist for peddling what many leftist called unsubstantiated proof.

Now that there’s substantial proof that the Obama administration did use the discredited dossier to spy on Trump’s campaign, the media is trying to bury this explosive new report and the findings.

During his show on Thursday, Levin reminded his viewers that we could be talking about one of the biggest scandals in modern political history if this report is valid.

“This is a massive scandal, the likes of which we’ve not seen,” Levin said. “The bastardization of our intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement by a sitting Democrat administration aimed at destroying and defeating a Republican nominee.”

The left leaning firm Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to compile the dossier, which made a slew of unverified claims suggesting that Trump colluded with the Russians during the election.

Fformer Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid roughly $9 million to Fusion GPS to fund the dossier, which was full of salacious claims that the FBI has admitted it cannot verify.

Carter’s report suggests that the FBI used an unverified hit piece funded by Democrats to trigger the investigation into unproven Russia collusion.

A senior law enforcement source with knowledge of the process told Carter that the FBI using the hit piece to spy on Trump and his campaign members was “outrageous and clearly should be thoroughly investigated.”

“(The dossier) certainly played a role in obtaining the warrant,” a second senior U.S. official with knowledge of the dossier told Carter. “Congress needs to look at the FBI officials who were handling this case and see what, if anything, was verified in the dossier. I think an important question is whether the FBI paid anything to the source for the dossier.”

Funny how leftists swarm conservatives for being conspiracy theorists when they make bold claims, yet there’s no apology to Levin when he was right about Obama and the dossier the entire time.

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