Is there anything Democrats won’t do or say to attack President Donald Trump and his supporters?

Hollywood elites use their award shows, speeches, television show, and movies to denigrate Trump and those who support him, but will it ever stop?

Television producer Chuck Lorre, known for The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, has been quietly his shows to levy attacks against the president.

Lorre puts a vanity card in the end credits of his shows, where he writes a short essay or observation about something he’s thinking about.

In one of his cards, captured by Media Equalizer Co-Founder Melanie Morgan, Lorre told a story that started out promising, but quickly turned into a not-so-subtle attack against a top White House adviser.

Lorre’s card began telling a story about how former President Ronald Reagan deregulated children’s television programming aimed at children when they were home from school and on the weekends because he didn’t want to place restrictions on those trying to make it in the industry.

Reagan also believed the measure was an unconstitutional infringement on freedom of expression, and he wanted young-and-upcoming screen and script writers to have an equal opportunity to have their work featured on major cable news outlets.

As such, Lorre said this gave him the opportunity to go from a “struggling scriptwriter to a gainfully employed scriptwriter.” He explained that his life had dramatically changed for the better because a Republican president pursued profit – which is called capitalism – instead of suppressing viewpoints – which Lorre oddly argued was bad.

Lorre’s speech praising Reagan for essentially changing his life and giving him the opportunity to have the illustrious career he has took a turn when he concluded by criticizing White House adviser Stephen Miller.

He wrote that Miller, who he presumed became mentally damaged by watching television commercials when he wasn’t in school, proved that the damage done to children in the 1980’s was irreparable.

Check out Lorre’s vanity card below:

Do you see how fast he switched from being humble to insulting?

A wealthy Hollywood elitist began by praising a Republican for keeping a policy that shaped his career. After boasting about his success, he then says the same policy that allowed commercials during children’s television programs is why he believes Miller is mentally unstable.

That is how crazy Hollywood is. Will they ever stop?

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Source: MediaEqualizer

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