I take issue with some on the right believing that Oprah might turn out to be some sort of Joe Manchin-type democrat centrist. I’m not even sure Joe Manchin is any longer a Joe Manchin-type centrist democrat.

That right-wing sooth-sayer Bill Kristol, republican establishment hack and never-Trumper, who predicted that the Arab Spring would work out great, and has pretty much been wrong about everything else, believes that Oprah may be some sort of closet moderate.

He also believes she could win the democrat nomination and could make a better president than Trump. Wow – that’s a pretty bold statement for someone who knows nothing of Oprah’s actual politics, couldn’t have done even cursory research on her, but still claims that, “if she runs, couldn’t she win the Democratic nomination and the general election? And wouldn’t she be a better president than Trump?”

I recall the same unbridled enthusiasm for a certain General, years back. Republicans were crazy for some Colin Powell, before they knew where he stood on a single issue. Powell soon enough showed his true colors – they were blue, as in blue State, and they were not attractive to conservatives.

No one, me included, knows where Oprah stands on any issue. Heck we don’t know where she really stands on harassment, owing to her love for Harvey Weinstein, before she discovered that it was no longer politically correct to keep her mouth shut. Now she’s a women’s rights champion, just like Hillary. Right.


But one doesn’t need to know where a candidate, a person, or even a democrat stands on every, or any issue, to surmise how they are likely to govern.

I often mention that if I don’t know a national politician particularly well, there is no need to go research him or her. Heck, no one has heard of most Congress-people. To get a philosophical overview, one need only to consult the CR Liberty Scorecard. It’s a trusted, true conservative site that issues a letter and percentage grade to each member of Congress and Senate. The higher both grades, the more conservative they are, and vice versa.

That’s great, if they’ve been in national politics, which Oprah has not. However, Oprah, being a big celebrity, is a known commodity. We hear what she says, know what she does, and see who she supports. The last is the only one that is pertinent.

After remaining effectively apolitical her entire career, she finally came out hard in support of comrade Obama and even campaigned for him. And that, my friends (h/t John McCain) is all you need to know about The Okra. She’ll leave a lingering bad taste, as does the vegetable.

There are two reasons why one would support Obama. One, if you just can’t stomach his opponent, ala Trump/Hillary. The other is that you a bird of a feather – a fellow embittered traveler. Oprah is the latter. She may not be as radical as Barack and his wife, but I can guarantee she is no moderate.

If she were to run and be elected, Oprah would govern in the same style as other progressive democrats, utterly void of logic, reason and the Constitution, owing only to misguided emotion and a socialist mantra.

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By Zoe

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