CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has spent several days peddling utterly groundless theories that President Donald Trump is a racist, but how he referred to White House Aide Raj Shah shows his true colors.

The White House has denied a report from The Washington Post last week claiming Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as “s**tholes,” and at least three other members in the meeting have publicly said they never heard the president use that phrase.

During CNN’s “New Day” on Monday, Cuomo spent a better part of the show discussing the alleged remarks to frame Trump as a racist.

But when he was explaining that several aides at the White House have also denied the word was ever used to describe these nations, Cuomo didn’t even bother to even try to say White House Aide Raj Shah’s name.

“Raj whatever his name is,” said Cuomo, making a weird hand gesture as if trying to pronounce the four-letter name was too much for him.

Watch his remarks below:

Social media users absolutely eviscerated Cuomo for his hypocrisy and racism, with many highlighting that he actual made racist gestures on live television:

Given Cuomo appears to have a hard time with four-letter names, Shah tweeted out a helpful reminder to the CNN host:

Cuomo responded by saying it wouldn’t happen again and that that Shah was welcome on his show anytime:

It’s quite amazing to see Cuomo actually being racist while trying to show his viewers that Trump is that very definition.

Being a racist on live television while trying to prove that Trump fits that description is pathetic, but it’s just the latest example proving that CNN’s not afraid to go as low as possible to levy attacks against Trump.

Another day, another inaccurate report being exposed.

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