Reading lefty news is often like reading the book of Revelation.

It is always the end of the world.

Salon’s Matthew Rozsa published a story Tuesday with the headline “Trump’s racist comments are a perfect precursor to an impending government shutdown.”

Sorry, no. A divided Congress, where one side is maneuvering to enforce federal immigration laws and at the same time strengthen America’s southern border, fights with the other who is not interested in either enforcement nor border strength, is what may cause the government to shut down until they can figure it out, and that is a good thing.

Notwithstanding President Trump’s ca-ca musings on dysfunctional nations are merely allegations at this point; a government shutdown has never happened because of comments a politician made during a closed door meeting on immigration.

By the way, the government ‘shuts down’ every holiday.

What really happens during a prolonged shutdown? If you’re a federal employee, expect to either be sent home or working without pay if you are in an ‘essential’ agency to keeping America safe and functioning. Under either scenario you will be paid retroactively when a new funding bill is approved and signed. The mail, unlike holidays, still gets delivered. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid payments still get made. The military  still gets paid and would go fight if someone accidentally pressed a ‘wrong button.’ Federal Parks and museums are closed.

Remember the three, 1-day shutdowns under President Reagan where back pay amounted to $200 million? How about when the government closed in 1990 and again in 1995 and 1996?  Remember the 16-day government shutdown of 2013?  I do. I remember that nobody cared except the loony left media who looks to turn something as innocuous as an alleged private comment into an end-times prophecy.

Read about the causes, effects, and procedures of a full government shutdown here.

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