For months liberals have been desperately looking for anything to impeach President Donald Trump, and it appears The Washington Post has finally found something they believe will derail Trump’s presidency.

A new lengthy report from The Washington Post details how House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sweetened his relationship with Trump by giving him a jar full of pink and red Starbursts.

The Post article is behind a paywall, but Mother Jones senior editor Ben Dreyfuss uploaded a screengrab of it, which shows the left-leaning paper dedicated nearly half an article to the fact that Trump prefers pink and red Starbursts over yellow and orange.

Check out a portion of the article below, which is just as pathetic as it sounds that a major paper would even be talking about this:

The premise of the article was to show that McCarthy wanted to give Trump a gift to stay on his good side, which could have been summed up in one paragraph.

But the Post spent five paragraphs detailing Trump’s love for Starbursts, and hilarity ensued across social media as many trolled the paper for wasting time on such a rudimentary topic.

Just let that simmer for a second.

The Washington Post, a paper that was founded in 1877, is dedicating time and resources to publishing stories about how Trump has a preference in which Starburst flavors he likes.

Rather than talk about the booming economy, millions of new jobs, unemployment low, ISIS nearly destroyed, historic tax cuts, the border becoming more secure, fewer illegal immigrants crossing the border, and Americans getting back to work – the Post wants to talk about candy.

Utterly ridiculous stories like this are exactly why Americans no longer trust the mainstream media.

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Source: MediaEqualizer

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