For months, Democrats and the mainstream media have endless peddled groundless claims that President Donald Trump was mentally unstable and unfit for office, thereby fueling their utterly ridiculous calls for his impeachment.

But when White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson spoke to the press for nearly an hour on Tuesday about Trump’s health, he put an end to all of the left’s conspiracy theories.

Jackson, who also took care of former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, said Trump is “exceptionally healthy,” “passed his cognitive test with a perfect score,” and has “incredible genes.”

When he briefed reporters at the White House on those findings, Trump definitely got the last laugh as Jackson slammed every single question suggesting the president was anything but mentally fit to lead this nation.

In order to put all of the rumors to bed, Trump also told Jackson to administer an additional cognitive test — not required as a part of his overall physical — which proved that Trump very well may be more mentally fit than the reporters who shout and throw temper tantrums every day.

Trump got a perfect score of 30/30 on his cognitive test, and the liberal media cannot fathom that the president is actually sanely undoing Obama’s entire legacy.

Jackson reiterated numerous times that Trump is in excellent health and that the only thing he advised was that the president progress toward losing 10-15 pounds over the next year.

So how about that? Trump is completely sane, fit, healthy, and more than capable of doing the job he has been doing for more than a year.

Wonder what the next liberal conspiracy theory about Trump will be now that they can’t call him crazy.

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Source: MediaEqualizer

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