A lot of scum still pollutes Washington’s swamp.

Arizona Congressional candidate Brenden Dilley is among seven who were not invited to attend a public debate for Trent Franks’ recently vacated District 8 seat. 

There is a special primary election scheduled for February 27 that will decide the Republican representative in the April general election. The GOP establishment working with lefty media held the debate and only invited five ‘hand-picked’ candidates leaving the remaining seven without a forum. One showed up to the event expecting to participate when he was told that there was no room on the stage.

Media for the event lead voters to believe that the five candidates who attended the debate were the only ones seeking Franks’s seat. An article that NBC owned newspaper AZ Central ran last week listed Mr. Dilley in the group of candidates and their number of qualifying signatures. However, there were no details of Dilley in the piece despite the candidate having a following that is ten times the size of the rest combined. “My campaign and supporters have been contacting them non stop since they did this and still they have not updated the information to include me,” said Dilley in a written statement.

The signatures are subject to challenge, so the field could change. State election rules required the candidates to gather signature counts based on their party’s presence within the conservative-leaning district. Democrats, for example, had to gather 665, while Republicans needed to get 860.

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