Peddling utterly groundless, unverified, and embarrassing conspiracy theories has become commonplace among liberals in the media, but no one has perfected their craft more than MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

On Wednesday, the full-fledged meltdown at “Morning Joe” continued as the co-hosts discussed Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s testimony on Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Brzezinski said Neilsen was “dancing around the truth,” adding that she believes President Donald Trump may have promised her something in return for her responses.

After being asked by five Democrats about Trump allegedly calling Haiti and African countries “sh*tholes,” Nielsen snapped back by saying she had been very patient and made it clear numerous times she never heard the president use that phrase.

The White House – and two other senators who were in the meeting have denied Trump ever made the claim – but that didn’t stop Brzezinski from peddling a liberal conspiracy theory that Trump bribed her.

Surprising to many, Scarborough – her fiance and co-host – was not happy that Brzezinski had peddled such an insane theory on live television.

“Is this about Donald Trump? I mean, for Kirjsten Nielsen or these Senators Cotton or Purdue, are they doing this for Trump? I mean, I don’t understand why the DHS secretary couldn’t sit there and say by all estimations he said it. ‘I was there, I didn’t hear it, but everyone else in the room seemed to hear it. Lindsey Graham seemed to hear it so there’s not argument here from me.’”

“I mean, what was the careful little dance there, was that, was Trump promising her something?” Brzezinski added. “Did Trump make her take an oath? Did he scare her?”

With his head held low in embarrassment, Scarborough barked back: “Mika!”

Because Neilsen wanted to discuss issues pertaining to the safety of our nation rather than remarks Trump may or may not have made a week ago, Brzezinski believes she was bribed by the president to say that.

This is what liberals do: They peddle the most bizarre theories they can conjure up to attack Trump to see what gains the most attention.

When your comments embarrass liberal Joe, that tell you everything you need to know.

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Source: MediaEqualizer

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