Since President Trump has been deemed mentally and physically fit to occupy the Oval Office, the only conclusion lefties can muster as a result is that he is ‘evil.’

After months of claiming that President Trump was mentally unstable and questioning both his cognitive and physical fitness for office, one of the hosts of “Morning Joe” said this bout Trump’s clean bill of health:

“If Trump is cognitively healthy, he has no excuse for his behavior, and therefore, he must be “evil,” said Mika Brzezinski.

Forget for a moment that ‘Trump-speak’ is both a strength and weakness and that at times it appears there is no filter between his mind and mouth–speaking in a sort of stream-of-consciousness vernacular that most of us only do in private. The plus is that we can get play-by-play, minute-by-minute updates on what the president is thinking.

Mika doesn’t think so.

“You know, that, along with the fact that the president appears to be, according to the doctor, healthy, worries me,” Brzezinski said. “Because if he wasn’t healthy, that would be a great excuse for this behavior. Now he has none. Which you can then deduce other things that are far more nefarious and frightening. Steve Rattner, I won’t ask you to answer to that, but I think it’s worth saying. I just wonder how you look at all this, given the fact that there’s a shutdown looming?”

Uh Oh. There’s that big scary ‘shutdown’ word again.

Rattner, a frequent “Morning Joe” contributor, responded: “Well actually, I had a similar thought about the president, which is I wasn’t sure whether I was rooting for him to turn out to be cognitively healthy or cognitively not healthy. If you’re cognitively healthy and do all this stuff, it’s pretty bad.”

Right, Brett. Because enforcing federal law and working to straighten out this country is “pretty bad.”


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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