Amid California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters saying she won’t be attending President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address, an Army veteran made headlines with his offer to take her seat during the speech to support the president.

After seeing Ricky Taylor’s interview Wednesday on “Fox & Friends,” Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy invited him to the event.

Taylor, who operates the Twitter account “Deplorable Vet”  and served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, said he would gladly accept Duffy’s offer.

After Waters threw a temper tantrum last week and said she would be skipping Trump’s address on Jan. 30 because she believes the president “lies in the face of facts,” Taylor said he would be honored to attend Trump’s address.

On “Fox & Friends,” Taylor said his Twitter account name symbolizes his support for Trump. It also serves as a reference to failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton saying Trump supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables” during last year’s election.

“You can call us what you want, but we’re still going to support our president,” Taylor said.

Taylor said he didn’t appreciate Waters attempting to speak for all black people and minorities in her quest to label Trump as a racist.

“There’s so many Trump supporters out there that are minorities,” Taylor said. “She doesn’t speak for everybody, she surely doesn’t speak for me.”

Joined by Duffy on the show Thursday, Taylor said he was “really exited” to attend Trump’s address and show his support.

Duffy said he usually gives his extra ticket to his wife, Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, decided they decided to give her ticket to Taylor.

What an awesome story highlighting an American hero who wants to show support for our president rather than insult and denigrate him.

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Source: MediaEqualizer

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