After White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson revealed Tuesday that President Donald Trump was very healthy and mentally fit for office, many in the mainstream media immediately began pushing conspiracy theories that Jackson was lying about his assessment.

Whether it was CNN claiming Trump would have a heart attack in “three to five years” or others suggesting Jackson was withholding information despite speaking to the press for nearly an hour, one top conservative is tired of it.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh utterly torched the “childish” and “unstable” media during his radio show Wednesday, adding that many are “entirely unfit to discharge their constitutional duties” amid their “unhinged instability” at Tuesday’s White House press briefing relating to Trump’s health.

Limbaugh said watching numerous left-wing reporters gawk at Jackson’s professional assessments was “nothing more than Romper Room without a teacher” with “the kids playing in the sandbox, not getting their toys and not getting their lunches and not getting recess.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the childish display, the childish exposition and behavior of the Drive-By Media yesterday once again has proven me right. The bizarre questions, the unhinged, childish, so transparently desirous questions from our Drive-By Media regarding the health of President Trump, has proved something….They believe this,” Limbaugh said.

During his hour-long briefing, Jackson made it clear that Trump is “exceptionally healthy,” passed his cognitive test with a “perfect score,” and has “incredible genes.”

Jackson, who also medically oversaw and advised former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, said that Trump asked him to administer an additional cognitive test, which is not required as a part of his overall physical.

Trump got a perfect score of 30/30 on his cognitive test, proving that he very well may be more of a stable genius than the reporters who scream and throw temper tantrums every single day.

Limbaugh said the liberal media are not only “trying to create illusion” that Trump is mentally and physically ill, but that “he is in the early onset stages of either Alzheimer’s or dementia” and “mentally teetering on the edge.”

Rush continued:

There’s no way these people could act as stupid and dumb and childish for an entire hour as they did yesterday if they didn’t believe it, if they didn’t hope it, if they hadn’t invested in it. They believe all of these sick fantasies that they conjure up. And this is why they often confuse their opinions with being facts. They mistake their fantasies for being truth, without evidence, without reading.

They believe Donald Trump is on the verge of Alzheimer’s, insanity, and death. They believe the doctor lied in reporting Trump’s health statistics.

Utterly ridiculous stories and conspiracy theories from the mainstream media are exactly why Americans no longer trust the mainstream media.

And Limbaugh is exactly right: it’s the media who are “unstable” and far too “childish” to do their jobs.

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Source: MediaEqualizer

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