Is there even a modicum of objectivity left in the liberal media?Minutes before President Trump handed out awards to lefty media’s biggest fakers, the unstable geniuses at MSNBC slobbered all over each other while they waxed press freedom.

Host Chris Matthews kicked off the propaganda festival by linking the 2017 imprisonment and deaths to President Trump. Appearing on behalf of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Katie Townsend agreed that the  “relentless attacks on the credibility of journalists, the use of the fake news term repeatedly, calling the press the enemy of the people…have real world effects.”

They sure do. The world is seeing perhaps for the first time in American history a president that is unafraid to hold the national press accountable when they either personally attack him, or outright lie.

Has anybody in White House circles, including the president, argued against the First Amendment guarantee of a free press?

Lefty news touts that a free press is essential in a republic, and they are right. In other words, nobody, including conservative elites in Washington DC, have ever advocated authoritarian control of the press; confronting a press that lies and consciously  twists key facts of story to fit personal political biases is, and ought to be, standard operating procedure of every administration.

“If officials love everything you write, then you’re probably not doing a very good job” because “[y]ou’re supposed to hold them accountable,” Said WaPo’s Eugene Robinson. Actually, it’s always been the press’ job to report the facts of story, not create them for a story that never happened. Furthermore, WaPo’s crush on the Obama’s is etched in the annals of media support for a presidential administration. In fact they’re still reporting where the former FLOTUS celebrated a birthday.

“What President Trump is doing is trying to erase the line between what is true and what is not true,” said Robinson.

No. He is simply calling out the lying liars who lie.

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Source: MediaEqualizer

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