U2’s new music video for the song “Get Out of Your Own Way” has gained mixed reactions from fans, with opinions on its politically charged imagery, featuring President Trump and the Ku Klux Klan marching outside the White House, ranging from “powerful” to “pathetic.”

On Thursday the iconic rock band dropped the new animated video, which depicts the world’s current political climate, created by Israeli graffiti group, Broken Fingaz Crew. 

“The video addresses the current political situation: 2017 for us was the year fascists worldwide felt confident enough to raise their heads again, encouraged by Trump and other world leaders, who use people’s fear to build more walls and segregation,” the group explained in their video mission statement. 

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The Fingaz crew worked with Bono and the U2 members to create the video shot in analog style, using paper cut outs and stop motion animation.

“The song is both a personal letter and a clarion cry to the global situation, and in the same way, we’ve combined our psychedelic pop style with political imagery; shot entirely analogue, using paper cut and stop-motion animation techniques in collaboration with Adam Albo, who edited the video,” Broken Fingaz Crew said.

Fans of the band’s new video took to Twitter to share their praises.

And though there was much praise for the intricate new video, not all of Twitter agreed on the direction U2 decided to take, suggesting that the band had gone too far.

The Irish rock band has never been one to shy away from stating their opinions and have always been known for being vocal about politics. After the video’s release, U2 shared the video on their official Twitter page and commented with the song’s lyrics which read: 

“Resistance, love has got to fight for its existence / The enemy has armies of assistants…”

“Get Out of Your Own Way” is featured on U2’s 14th studio LP entitled “Songs of Experience,” which was released in December. It is the follow-up to 2014’s  “Songs of Innocence,” which garnered heaps of bad press after it was uploaded into Apple iPhone and Mac users’ iTunes accounts, whether they wanted it or not.

Source: FoxNews

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