Meghan McCain makes Cory Booker squirm over Clinton’s anti-Trump comments


Meghan McCain made Sen. Cory Booker squirm when she confronted him over anti-Trump comments made by twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

During ABC’s “The View” on Monday, the New Jersey Democrat refused to condemn Clinton slandering and denigrating millions of Americans during his speech in India.

Booker, possibly eyeing a 2020 presidential bid, was trying to strike a bipartisan tone during his appearance. But McCain was prepared to see how far she could push him to answer tough questions.

McCain asked Booker about Clinton saying “married, white women” voted for Trump because of “pressure” from their husbands. Clinton also said Trump’s campaign was aligned with racist and sexist individuals.

“I just want to know from you — going forward in 2020 — do you think this is an appropriate way for Democrats to speak about Republicans?” McCain asked Booker.

He dodged the question, and instead blamed Trump for refusing to move on from the 2016 presidential election:

“The election’s over and is past. And I know that Donald Trump, in every other sentence, is talking about Obama and Secretary Clinton. The reality is we have to win this coming ’18 election — forget 2020 — focus on right now, we have to see each other for the truth of who we are.”

“And so while Donald Trump seems to be intent on separating, dividing, demeaning, degrading, I want Republicans and Democrats to start a new national narrative about how we need each other.”

Just like a politician, Booker found a way to avoid addressing Clinton calling Trump and his supporters racist, sexist, deplorable, xenophobic, and violent.

But McCain refused to let him off the hook, pointing out that Clinton’s language is viewed by many as “separating, dividing, demeaning, degrading.”

“Not to push back on you,” McCain said, “but Hillary makes me feel that way as well. Do you think this messaging from her is hurting your party right now?”

Booker dodged again, insisting we shouldn’t talk about Clinton — who is still on a never ending whine tour over her election loss — because she isn’t the president.

Rather than condemn Clinton’s scathing remarks about millions of Americans, Booker instead spent his time ironically claiming Trump is dividing the country.

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