WATCH: Parkland student exploits CNN for giving her ‘no choice’ on gun debate


Did CNN force a student who survived the shooting at the Florida high school to join the gun debate?

During an interview Sunday on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” several students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were asked about becoming liberal activists following the shooting at their school.

During one segment, host Sharyn Alfonsi asked student Emma Gonzalez if she regretted getting into the anti-gun debate.

“Did you ever think ‘I don’t want to get into this, this is a nasty fight that I don’t want to be in the middle of?’” Alfonsi asked.

In her response, Gonzalez said CNN elevated her stature and pushed her into becoming the face of the gun debate.

“I have no choice because there were CNN cameras there and my speech was broadcast all over the country in like 4 seconds and I had no idea they were going to be there,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez gave a fiery speech following the shooting about preventing school shootings.

Her “We call BS” speech went viral as CNN and many other far-left groups elevated Gonzalez to become the face of the gun control push.

Watch her remarks on CNN below:

While she claims CNN “gave her no choice” to become the leader of the gun-grabbing movement, she exposed her own lack of knowledge while trying to insult President Donald Trump:

“Rewarding teachers who carry arms with bonuses is stupid. First of all, Douglas ran out of paper for, like, two weeks in the school year, and now all a sudden they have $400 million to pay for teachers to get trained to arm themselves? Really? Really?”

“If you’re a teacher and you have a gun, do you keep it in a lockbox or do you carry it on your person? If the teacher dies and a student who’s a good student is able to get the gun are they now held responsible to shoot the student who’s come into the door? I’m not happy with that.”

As noted by The New York Times, only $67 million of the recently passed $400 million package in Florida will be allocated to train school employees who want to be armed and address mental health issues.

Not only was Gonzalez’s claim wildly inaccurate, Alfonsi was either unaware that she spread fake news or allowed the liberal activists to get away with a major lie.

Watch her inaccurate claims and fake news below:

This is exactly how smears and false information get spread across the mainstream media.

CNN and its liberal allies apparently aren’t concerned with the facts so long as students like Gonzalez will follow orders and say whatever is necessary to propel the anti-gun movement.

CNN may have forced Gonzalez to join the gun debate by elevating her speech and stature, but she continues to prove how blithely unaware she is of the facts.

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