The group of artists responsible for erecting naked statues of President Trump in various cities across the country transformed a Trump International Hotel & Tower hotel room complete with live rats and a Trump impersonator wearing golden handcuffs for its newest prank.

Indecline, a group that describes itself as an “activist art collective,” transformed the hotel room into a completely unrecognizable space.

A member of the artistic group told Page Six they checked into a suite at the New York City hotel on Thursday and sneaked in baggage filled with props and materials needed for the room’s makeover.


The hotel room before its makeover.  (Jason Goodrich )

A member of Indecline said the “bellhops were happy to help” bring the luggage to the one-bedroom hotel room.


The seven artists then got to work by “dismantling everything” – taking objects off the wall and stashing the furniture into the bedroom. They put up temporary wallpaper which made the walls “appear like cracked concrete” and put up a jail cell. They threw McDonald’s wrappers on the floor and freed live rats.

The artists said they worked tirelessly through the night to complete the transformation.

“I’m sure police would be here and arrests would be made. There’s no irreparable damage, but they place is unrecognizable,” one of the artists told Page Six.


The hotel room after the transformation complete with a jail cell.  (Jason Goodrich )

The exhibit also included 13 works inspired by the American flag that featured “people who inspire us to continue to fight in this era,” including legend Muhammad Ali, whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist Hunter S. Thompson.


The artists held a short exhibit Friday night complete with a Trump impersonator who wore a “Make America Great Again” hat while sitting in the jail cell wearing gold handcuffs.

A member said the project was “designed to celebrate the United States’ history of activism and protest.”

“We’re going through turbulent times, specifically because of Donald Trump, who we consider to be the embodiment of every single unethical, arrogant American attitude that there is,” the person said.

The group claimed they put everything back where it was supposed to be before leaving early Saturday morning but were concerned about the rats.

“The big question is the rats,” one of the artists said. “They’re not emotional support rats. I’m sure it’s a health code violation, but I’m not sure what kind.”


An artist poses in front of the artwork that will be sold next month.  (Jason Goodrich )

The hotel has their credit card and ID on file, which concerned the group, who hopes to avoid getting into trouble.

One of the members said the “fun part” was when the public sees that the room was completely transformed despite it appearing as if nothing happened.

“The fun part is that when they do see what happened [in the press], they’re going to come rushing up here and find a totally normal room,” the member said.

The group was also responsible of turning the president’s Westchester golf course into “Trump Cemetery” earlier this year.

In April, the group will replicate the hotel project at a gallery in Pasadena, Calif., selling the flags. They plan to donate the money to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Native American Rights Fund.

Source: FoxNews

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