Alice Marie Johnson calls America ‘country of second chances,’ hopeful Trump will ‘follow up’ …


Alice Marie Johnson, the woman whose life sentence was commuted by President Trump last month, called America “a country of second chances,” and said that she believes Trump will “follow up” with more situations like hers.

Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Johnson shared her experience since being released on June 6.

“Every single place that I go, if people recognize who I am, they hug me. They tell me how happy they are that I’m home,” she said. “They tell me how much they were praying for me, and how they followed from the day Kim went to the White House.”

Johnson, 63, had been serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole after she was convicted of a first-time nonviolent drug offense and charges related to money laundering. Reality TV icon Kim Kardashian West took up her case, even meeting with Trump at the White House to plead for clemency.

She said that the most difficult part of her journey was the time spent hoping for a chance to be released.

“The waiting has been very painful for me and my family. We’ve had so many ups and downs. So many false alarms that it was going to happen for years.”

Johnson said that her case is proof that the “system is broken,” but she added that she has faith after being granted clemency by Trump.

“I won’t let him down, there is no way. This country is a country of second chances,” she said on “Hannity.” “I love America, and I believe that as the president sees what has taken place with me, that he is going to follow up and do some other things for other people.”

Johnson also expressed her thanks to West, who has said she is working hard to help others.

“I am so happy that Kim is staying focused, because there are so many others just like me.”

West recently turned down the opportunity to join in Hollywood’s Trump bashing in an appearance with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

She repeatedly brushed off Kimmel’s remarks aimed at Trump, at one point saying she is “hopeful” that more will come from their meeting at the White House, and that she has “nothing bad to say about the president.”

Paulina Dedaj is a writer/ reporter for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter @PaulinaDedaj.

Source: FoxNews

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