CNN’s Rye loses her mind while yelling that Trump’s a ‘civil and human rights crisis’


CNN’s Angela Rye, arguably the most divisive and hate-filled analyst on the network, implied on Tuesday night that President Donald Trump calling the media “fake news” is comparable to journalist Jamal Khashoggi being tortured and murdered.

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During a segment on “CNN PrimeTime” with host Chris Cuomo, the panel began discussing Khashoggi, the journalist who was tortured and murdered inside Turkey’s consulate in Saudi Arabia.

Rye and Cuomo teamed up and went after pro-Trump commentator Steve Cortes after he refuted claims that Trump is actually putting reporters lives at risk.

Rye lost her mind and accused Trump of putting “lives in danger” and being a “walking civil and human rights crisis.”

“Donald Trump sees the press more of his enemy than the Saudis because he can put a dollar figure next to it,” Rye shouted.

“He is siding and aligning himself with people who have been threatened by the mere questions, threatened by the mere seeking of accountability of folks in power,” she argued. “And he has already made it very clear with folks who also sit on this network that the press is his greatest enemy. That is the truth, and that is a painful pill that y’all don’t want to swallow.”

Cortes shot back: “And all he has done is criticize the press. He has not done one thing to infringe upon the freedom of the press in this country.”

“Jim Acosta. Jim Acosta. Jim Acosta. April Ryan. Abby Phillip. Yamiche Alcindor. Are you kidding me?!” Rye interjected, shouting and getting visibly animated because Cortes wouldn’t cower to her.

Cortes said it was irresponsible to claim Trump calling the media “fake news” is comparable to Khashoggi being tortured and murdered, which is what Rye was implying.

After Cuomo jumped in and defended Rye, she began shouting at Cortes: “Time out! He’s actually put people’s lives in danger! Do you know there are people who sit on this network who are getting death threats because of your president’s rhetoric?! That is the truth.”

Watch below:

This is hardly the first time Rye has made controversial comments. In fact, her argument that Trump is putting people’s lives in danger isn’t the most vile thing she has ever said on CNN.

In August, Rye cursed at and insulted former Trump campaign official Jason Miller during a segment on CNN over family separations. She also compared Trump to slave traders who brought Africans to North America.

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Rye interrupted Miller several times, claimed Trump is not her president, that the president and his supporters are bigots, and that his policies are a** backwards.

After claiming Trump deporting illegal aliens is similar to slave traders, Rye even tried to end the segment on a show that isn’t hers.

In a different segment on CNN before that, Rye rolled her eyes when a Trump supporter spoke about her disabled son.

Adding to her unprofessional display, Rye also said she agrees with New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s disgusting comment that “America has never been great.”

Her comments are sick, vile, and deeply disturbing. But these are the kind of “experts” that CNN gives unlimited airtime to every single day.

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