GOP Rep. Mia Love hits Trump in concession speech: He has ‘no real relationships’


Republican Utah Rep. Mia Love slammed President Trump during her concession speech Monday, saying he has “no real relationships, just convenient transactions.”

Love narrowly lost her re-election bid to Democrat Ben McAdams earlier this month – and Trump was quick to call her out for not embracing him more on the campaign trail. As she conceded, Love said she was initially surprised Trump “took a jab at me,” but she later wondered “what did he have to gain by saying such a thing about a fellow Republican?”

“This gave me a clear vision of his world as it is: no real relationships, just convenient transactions,” Love said. “That is an insufficient way to implement sincere service and policy.”

When it became apparent Love, 42, would not win re-election, Trump derided the Republican congresswoman for asking him for help earlier this year freeing Utah-native Joshua Holt, who was jailed in Venezuela, but in return “gave me no love.”

“Too bad, sorry about that, Mia,” Trump said of her loss.


Love said Monday she was “proud” she “nagged the president every day” to secure the release of Holt.

She also chastised Washington lawmakers – especially Republicans – for not taking minorities into their “homes and hearts.”

“I’ve seen the cost to conservatives for not truly taking people into their hearts. Democrats saw newly elected black members and women to Congress in this election. This is a matter of fact that Republicans lost in this regard,” Love said.

A record number of women were elected to the House in this year’s midterm elections, the majority Democrats.

Love also attacked the media and McAdams in her speech, calling the Democrat “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” When asked if she would consider running again in 2020, Love said she wasn’t sure.

“I’m not going away, but now I am unleashed, I am untethered and I am unshackled, and I can say exactly what’s on my mind,” Love said.

Fox News’ Gregg Re contributed to this report.

Source: FoxNews

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