Gutfeld on Chuck Schumer’s idiotic tweet


It’s fun watching Trump-haters do his work for him.

Take Chuck Schumer, suddenly the president’s mouthpiece!

Remember when Supreme Court Justice John Roberts rebuked Trump for saying there were “Obama judges?”

Trump fired back, basically saying – oh come on, John, everybody knows we have judges with political leanings.

That’s when Chuck stepped in.

As the media drooled over Roberts – Chuck angled for some spotlight with this tweet: “I don’t agree very often with Chief Justice Roberts, especially his partisan decisions … But I am thankful today that he – almost alone among Republicans – stood up to President Trump and for an independent judiciary.”

So in one breath, Chuck made Trump’s point, perfectly!  A chief justice makes “partisan decisions!”

Then notes Roberts’ political party – revealing he labels judges, too.

Now, that’s not just comical – it’s progress!

It used to take days between people mocking Trump over what he says, to then admitting he was right.

Now it’s collapsed into mere seconds.

Or, as dummy-Chuck says, “Trump’s wrong, and here’s why I agree with him!”

Which reveals something key:  it’s not that Trump’s critics have a problem with the truth. They have a problem with Trump saying it.

Which is why in his own criticism of Trump’s truth, Schumer accidentally, for once, spoke it too!

Maybe he didn’t mean to.

But when the only thing left to say is what Trump’s been saying, you have no choice.

So, well done Chuck! It’s like you sat in Trump’s lap while he moved your mouth.

Source: FoxNews

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