Hillary says Trump supports ‘authoritarian regimes,’ calls Fox ‘divorced from reality’


Hillary Clinton said President Donald Trump is a “student of authoritarian regimes” and claimed Fox News is “divorced from reality.”

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During an interview to The Guardian, the twice failed presidential candidate made a slew of bizarre remarks, and then claimed Trump and Fox News are detached from reality.

Clinton said Trump was “quite a student of authoritarian regimes and how they manipulate and control people.”

“He is someone who craves dominance over any situation he finds himself in. He craves adulation, flattery, all of which fit the profile of leaders we can remember from the past,” she added.

After comparing Trump to dictators and authoritarian regimes, Clinton then claimed the media fails to challenge the president and hold him accountable.

“One of the ways you do that is by consistently attacking the press. Now Trump doesn’t attack Fox News, because they’re like a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump and the Republican party now. So he attacks the press and the broadcast media that raise questions about him, that don’t give him fidelity and loyalty,” she claimed.

“You watch Fox News, it’s always, ‘Something terrible is about to happen’, ‘Something terrible did happen’, ‘These people are doing all these awful things’. It is totally divorced from reality, but it is superb propaganda. I don’t know the best way to puncture that. You have to hope that reality catches up with politics and entertainment at some point,” she continued.

Clinton’s comments show that if anyone is “divorced from reality,” it’s her.

For starters, multiple studies have shown that since Trump took office less than two years ago, the mainstream media has covered him with a “negative” tone upwards of 90 percent of the time.

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While the media certainly covers everything Trump does and says, its with a negative tone almost all of the time. It’s not like he’s getting glowing reviews and praise for anything.

Secondly, Clinton also claimed that Trump is “never was held accountable for anything that he said.” If anything, the media hardly covers any of the salacious comments made by Clinton.

Last week, Clinton said Trump has a long “streak of racism” and “the whole package of bigotry.”

Before that, Clinton said her husband’s affair with a young intern in the White House, which led to his impeachment in the House of Representatives, was “not an abuse of power” and that there was no need for him to resign.

While speaking at OzyFest, the former Secretary of State insulted Americans, and said anyone who doesn’t believe Trump’s policies are hurting America isn’t “walking around with their eyes open.”

The more she talks, the more obvious it is to many that she is unfit to be president.

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