The Great 2018 Meme Debacle


How many different excuses have you heard about how the Republicans lost the House during the midterms? Not all of that was bad as we managed to get rid of a few RINO’s and “never Trumpers” like Mia Love. Good riddance right.

In analyzing the results, we have to ask ourselves “What changed?”. Something was different between 2016 and 2018. Trump’s been doing a great job so why wasn’t there a Republican tsunami?

The truth in part is President Trumps supporters didn’t back their president. Times are good so back to being the “silent majority.” Oh sure everyone wants to go to a Trump rally they are historic in their scope. We line up to buy tee shirts and hats. In some cases, there are miles of people waiting in line for a shot at an inside seat and for those who can’t get in there’s always a tailgate party.

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But when it comes to getting out there and convincing people that Trump is doing a great job and that Democrats are desperate to destroy our Constitution and Republic, this cycle Trumpsters completely dropped the ball.

Where was Pepe? Seriously where was the frog that won the Kekistani war? Oh, wait the MSM demonized the frog and Trumps supporters bought into that and stopped posting images and videos of anything to do with Pepe or Kekistan. Did we run out of jokes or something?

Trump supporters owned the internet in 2015 and 2016 but today if you do image searches online it is the purple armpit hairs and the gender confused who have taken over the Meme Wars. Like Europe, we have just let the enemy take over. We became the surrender monkeys (you’re welcome France).

Now I know not enough people will read this gibberish to make any difference at all but if you want a heads up about what 2020 is going to look like just do a few image searches between now and 2020. If this trend continues we may lose the best president we have seen in a very very long time (if ever) or the Senate or both.

But hey, you have a job and a family to support that is why you’re not beating up Antifa.

Making Memes? Ain’t nobody gots time fo dat.

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