Give the BEST Christmas Present Ever and its TOTALLY FREE

Give the BEST present

The holiday’s are upon us. Mom’s are worried about their holiday budget and how to make their daughter’s happy with less than what they got last year.  But there is one gift, that you can give that is so precious, and priceless yet totally free. It will put a smile on your daughters face and help bridge any distance between you. All it takes is some time and thought.

Give your daughter a  “You are a Precious Gift!” letter.  Here’s how you do it.

Outline what your pregnancy was like. Write how happy you were, or how scared. But start at the start of her life… when she was inside of you. Share your memories with her.

Outline about her being an infant, a toddler,  a young child, and then a teen. What are the happy memories that stand out? What do you love most about her? Write about them. Let her know you love her.

What message do you want to end the letter with? A call to action? i.e. “I want to spend more time with you laughing in the coming years.” Or a thank you? “Thank you for gracing my life.” Or, a promise? “I’ll love you till the day I die.”

Find pretty paper to write your letter on, or type and print. You can add stickers to it, or draw or add pictures etc. Be as creative as you like.

Wrap the letter in a pretty box and tie it with a colorful bow. Write on the tag, Special Gift.

After she reads the letter ask if she wants to know anything more, or hear more stories about her growing up and how much you love her.  Offer her the invitation to have a conversation with you. If she declines, that’s OK. She’s a teenager! It’s nice to make the gesture though, and ask what she needs.

Make sure your letter is filled with love and appreciation for her. This is NOT the place to write advice, or to admonish her or say “I told you so!” Open your heart. Write from that place. Give her the gift of love.  Let her know she is a gift to you.  Whatever that which is greater than us, gave her to you. She came through YOU to find her way into the world. She doesn’t belong to you, she belongs to life itself. But aren’t you lucky that she found her way her through you? Let her know that! Happy Holidays.

Source: CSC MediaGroup USA