Jen takes on troubled teens

p>A long time ago, a philosophy about how to restore peace and harmony in a community was thought up by a man named Confucius. He was neither royalty or divinity. Just a good man who gave the world the teaching of “Jen.” Jen is a bit complicated, but it boils down to the simplicity of doing your best, and helping other people do their best, because it makes you feel good! Sorta like being on an Oprah show where she gives you a thousand dollars then asks you to GIVE it away because you are going to feel like a million bucks when you do that, which is more important than having an extra grand. Really!

If you want to know a bit more about Jen go here.  But you don’t have to understand it anymore than understanding it’s about doing your best and helping others do their best. There, that was simple, wasn’t it?

I don’t know of any data that shows Jen has been a “cure” for troubled teens ( I haven’t looked very hard either to be honest) but my gut tells me that when people work to help others bring out their own goodness, good things happen. How might you help your teen daughter get in touch with her own goodness and give it to the world? Big question huh? But that is what we are doing as parents. We are trying our best to help our children figure out how to be good human beings so they don’t hurt themselves or others. If you are in the raising children “business” you are in the teaching Jen business. You just don’t know it perhaps.

This site is going to help you raise a teen girl who knows how to tap into her own unique goodness and share it with the world. She’ll invite others to share their goodness too, and you know what? Things will slowly change. Things in your home will calm down. Things in your daughters life will calm down. Things in the community will calm down. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and there is a lot head of us all to learn. But we’re starting.

Remember you don’t have to understand the philosophy of Jen. Just know it’s about the Golden Rule at it’s very best. Which makes us our very best.

Homework for parents who want to help their daughter’s tap into their own goodness: go look in the mirror and ask yourself how you tap into your own goodness and give it away. Are you honest? trustworthy? Compassionate? Empathic? You get my point. Helping your daughter begins with you helping yourself to be the best you can be. Our children do more of what the SEE us do than what they hear us SAY to do.

We can all improve as human beings. I’m working on having more faith in my life, learning to not guilt trip my four children, and letting go of the past. What three things will you work on?

I love our teen girls.  I think of them as “my Jenn-eration”  They are going to rock self-respect for themselves and others and change a few things that need changing! I know they can do it!

Source: CSC MediaGroup USA