I am packing to move from San Francisco to New York. I already downsized when my four children scampered off to college. Now I’m letting go. It’s liberating. I think of all the things I held onto over the years as a mother. All the worries, all the self-doubt, all the fears that I would somehow “let down” my children. Most mothers I talk to tell me they feel similar feelings. They feel the need to be “perfect” and to make life “perfect” for their daughters. 

The simple truth is all you have to do to be a great mother is to answer your daughter’s big brain question with a Yes! That question is simply, “Are you there for me?” When mothers let go of their anxiety, worries, fears and all the negative thoughts and emotions that tag along, they can better answer their daughters with a resounding “Yes!” When you let go of all the negative self chatter in your brain, and the preconceived ideas about who your daughter “should” be, and allow her to find her own truth with you by her side, you will discover the very marrow of life. For it is in creating the rich, loving relationships with our children that life finds it truest song, and sings to us in harmony. When we let go, we hold on to the best and brightest life has in store for us. Motherhood, in my humble opinion, is the divine made visible.

How do you let go to hold on? It’s not always easy. That’s why I have started the Honor the Girl Movement. You can check it out at www.honorthegirl.me. I am doing my best to help mothers in today’s ever changing world. If you can let go of your ideas about who your daughter should be, and begin to discover who she really is, you’ll tap into a relationship that will sustain you for the rest of your life. That’s how you hold on.  You let go. Of lots of things. That’s where it all starts.

The act of creation is first the act of destruction. What do you need to “destruct” in order to create an amazing relationship with your daughter? What’s the first thing you need to let go of?

I’m here if you need  me,

Source: CSC MediaGroup USA