MELTDOWN: Waters loses it over Trump’s SOTU address; ‘Turn the television off!’


Something is seriously wrong with Rep. Maxine Waters.

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While speaking with a reporter on Tuesday, the California Democrat melted down and urged people to “turn the television off” when President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address this evening.

“I don’t even know why he wants to come and give the State of the Union,” Waters huffed.

“The state of the union under him has not been good,” she claimed, not mentioning record low unemployment rates for African-Americans, the roaring stock market, and historically strong economic activity under Trump.

“And he has been divisive, and I think he’s putting us all in harm’s way. And so he is not worthy of being listened to,” Waters sneered.

“I don’t know why anybody would want to pay attention to anything that he has to say. He lies over and over again, like I said. 6,000 lies have been documented since he’s been there. I just can’t imagine what he’s going to try and say!” she said.

“But since he is a great liar, he’ll say anything,” Waters said, adding, “uh, because he’s capable of saying anything without facts, without research. And so, I’m not looking forward to his State of the Union, and I hope people will turn the television off!”

Waters melting down over Trump’s SOTU address comes jut days after she
peddled an insane conspiracy theory and then later admitted that she has absolutely proof at all to support her claim.

While appearing on MSNBC’s “All In,” Waters said she believes Paul Manafort, who served as Trump’s 2016 campaign chairman between June and August, was “sent” by Russia to influence the administration.

“At the center of this question about whether or not the president colluded with Russia or Putin or the oligarchs et cetera is the question of sanctions. We know that Putin wants these sanctions lifted. I’ve said from the beginning that I believe, and I don’t have the proof, but I believe that Manafort was sent to the campaign to be there to ensure that they get Trump elected in every way that they possibly could, and this is in exchange for him lifting the sanctions,” Waters said.

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“Don’t forget, our president has said that he believes the sanctions should be lifted one way or the other. So I just believe that Mnuchin is, of course, guided by the president. They’re all a part of, you know, this relationship that they have with Russia and with Putin and with oligarchs. I mean when you take a look at all of the allies of this president that’s involved in this whole question, you cannot help but ask yourself what’s at the bottom of this? And I think it has been asked more than one time, why are they all lying? I think it’s about sanctions,” she added.

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It’s certainly troubling to see a member of Congress claim that Manafort was a Russian “plant” sent to infiltrate the president of the United States and his administrations policies toward the Kremlin.

But her remarks aren’t too surprising given her long history of making insane comments about the president.

This is also the same lawmaker who previously urged her supporters to publicly harass and confront Trump administration officials and GOP lawmakers by telling them that “they’re not welcome.”

Waters has also claimed she was “sent by God” on a mission to get Trump, has called the president and his supporters “deplorable,” and has claimed Trump’s phrase “Make America Great Again” is offensive and racist.

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