VIDEO: Pelosi rambles, slurs words, can’t pronounce names of Dominicans


Something is seriously wrong with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

During a brief event Monday morning on Capitol Hill, Pelosi addressed a group of Dominican Americans.

The California Democrat rambled, slurred her words, and literally could not pronounce the names of the Dominican honorees at the event.

The short ordeal began with Pelosi weirdly walking out to the podium and looking completely overwhelmed, as if she had just realized that she wasn’t prepared at all deliver remarks.

She spent most of the time glaring at her notes for direction while struggling to pronounce names.

“I thank our first Dominican American elected to Congress for the invitation to be here. Aren’t we proud with our first Dominican elected to Congress?” Pelosi said.

“Let me just say that you invigorate America, with your hopes, your dreams, your aspiration,” Pelosi said, apparently giving up on saying the names of the attendees that she was supposed to honor.

After botching names and slurring her words, Pelosi declared: “Dominican Americans make America more American!”


In the clip above, many of the people in attendance did not seem too impressed with Pelosi given many were talking with others in the crowd while the Democratic leader was speaking.

While speaking at an event on two weeks ago, Pelosi did her best Jeb Bush impression and told the crowd to please clap for her comments.

After thanking a member of her audience, she said, “That’s an applause line! I’ll let you know.”

While talking about “strong border security initiatives,” Pelosi then asked for another clap, “Do you want to— let’s hear it for border security!”

Later on in her speech, Pelosi told the audience to cheer because Democrats have control of the House of Representatives.

“The American people elected a House majority that would— that’s an applause line! Not for everybody maybe,” she exclaimed, again demanding the audience applaud her.

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California Democrat also slurred her words and had a very hard time verbalizing her comments. She went on to mess up the acronym for one of the largest movements that her party supports.

“And we will strengthen our democracy by passing the Equality Act, that is an act to end discrimination against LG— LGTB community,” she said, mumbling through the words.

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“There are two challenges, uh, well, actually three that I want to just close with and that is are— these are the f— these wh— here they are!” she bizarrely added.

Pelosi rounded out her disastrous speech by trying to fire up the crowd, but it was a total disaster.

“We must… must embrace innovation, inclusion, we just have to establish… your motto that you have put forth here today. We’re coming back to it here…You know it…Infrastructure, inno-vution, inclusion,” she rambled, slurring her words.

While speaking to reporters last week, the California Democrat suggested paving roads near the southern border to make it easier for illegal aliens to enter the United States.

She also advocated for a “virtual wall,” arguing that it would be far more effective than an actual physical barrier to combat illegal immigration.

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