CNN’s Jim Acosta really doesn’t like it when he can’t be the center of attention.

While speaking with CNN hosts back in the studio on Thursday, Acosta threw a hissy fit after President Donald Trump didn’t call on him during a presser in Vietnam.

After noting that Trump walked away from the negotiating table after being unable to reach a major agreement with North Korea, Acosta attacked Trump for not being able to make the deal of a lifetime in a matter of two days.

“I think what will become clear is that the president staked a lot of his presidency on something that is just much more difficult than reality TV. This is not something that can be wrapped up in a season of ‘The Apprentice.,’” Acosta began.

“The president made some strong statements about his affection for the North Korean dictator, showing off the economic boom that has taken place in Vietnam, as a road map for North Korea if they came back into the community of nations,” he added.

He continued, “But that doesn’t seem to be enough for Kim Jong-un to put, really, his entire regime on the line, to take that kind of gamble with the president. It seems, at this point, he’s just not ready to do that.”

Sadly, this is another reminder of how Acosta has to make everything about himself.

Earlier this month, Acosta claimed that Trump’s “tone” has created an environment where journalists can be killed.

“Perhaps they won’t stop calling us the enemy of the people because it works so well with their people, but all of this adds up to one painful reality: this is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America,” Acosta began, adding that proponents of such rhetoric create “an atmosphere where people can get hurt, where journalists can get murdered.”

According to Acosta, Trump’s rhetoric could lead to journalists being killed and his administration poses a direct threat to America’s democracy.

Acosta has a long history of making controversial comments and making everything about himself.

Late last year, he wrote “f**k you” on Twitter to former White House official because he teased the CNN reporter for whining about music being too loud at a Trump rally.

Prior to that, Acosta stormed out of a White House press briefing and tweeted, “I’m over this” after getting owned by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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