CNN’s Tapper turns Dem into stuttering mess when asked for evidence to impeach Trump


CNN’s Jake Tapper surprised many this week when he grilled a top Democratic lawmaker on evidence to support impeaching President Donald Trump from office.

During an interview on Tuesday with Democratic California Rep. Brad Sherman, Tapper demanded to know what evidence Democrats have to impeach Trump.

Sherman turned into a bumbling mess when asked for specific information.

“Well, first, he met the legal standard. He’s committed several felonies, including violation of 1512 B3 of the criminal code — obstruction of justice — on at least two occasions, probably three, and that’s just in the first six months,” Sherman began, spouting off nothing more than baseless liberal talking points.

“That’s in your opinion. No legal source has said that he is guilty of obstruction of justice,” Tapper shot back.

When Sherman tried to argue that Democrats should proceed with impeachment charges even though they do not have any evidence showing that Trump broke the law, Tapper shut him down again.

“Sir, with all due respect, you keep saying that he’s committed felonies. There’s not one legal entity that has said he committed felonies,” Tapper said.

Tapper added: “You called for impeaching him. You’re way ahead of the idea. You need to have more facts, right?”

Sherman turned into a stuttering mess at this point and could not provide any concrete evidence or proof that Trump broke any laws.

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It’s certainly alarming to see that Democrats are literally trying to impeach a duly elected president for no reason other than the fact that they don’t like him.

And, surprising many, Tapper grilled Sherman and proved that after two years of investigations, Democrats still cannot produce any evidence to support their dream of impeaching Trump.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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