Hillary Clinton is back – and she’s trashing America again


It seems like every time Hillary Clinton opens her mouth, she has something negative to say about America.

The twice-failed presidential candidate took to Twitter on Wednesday to refer to the United States as a “broken democracy” and voiced her support for a Democratic-led bill that would give illegal aliens the right to vote in the United States.

“To fix our broken democracy, we need automatic voter registration, early voting for everyone, and less money in politics. The House passed the #ForThePeopleAct to make those changes. Now it’s up to the Senate,” Clinton wrote.

Amazing to see Clinton talk about getting “dark money” out of politics.

This is the same woman who created a Super PAC, Onward Together, right after her 2016 election loss, meaning she created an organization to collect donations from lobbyists and groups.

Clinton didn’t seem to have a problem with “dark money” when she
received $1.2 billion in donations in 2016 and still found a way to lose to President Donald Trump.

And, she voiced her support for a Democratic-led bill that would allow illegal aliens the right to vote in America’s elections.

Trashing America and encouraging illegal voting is the most Clinton thing ever.

Her comments this week came after she came under fire for using a fake southern accent in Alabama earlier this month.

While speaking in Selma, Alabama, on Sunday to honor the historic “Bloody Sunday” march that took place decades ago, the twice failed presidential candidate used a fake southern accent several times while speaking to the audience.

“We already had church this morning, oh my gosh” Clinton began, unveiling her fake southern accent to the mostly African-American crowd.

“Another commonality that Rose and I have: comin’ down to Dothan, Alabama in the early 1970’s to go under cover to gather evidence about a white segregated academy in an effort to deny it and others like it federal tax exemption,” Clinton added, progressively ramping up the fake accent.

After mentioning Black History Month ending a few days ago, Clinton told the crowd that she was “thinkin’” about Ida B. Wells and what she did as a civil rights activist.

“There is so much that needs doin’,” Clinton told the crowd.

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She will do and say whatever it takes to remain relevant.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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