WATCH: Pelosi glitches, repeats words, forgets the name of New Green Deal


As each week goes by, it become more and more clear that something is seriously wrong with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

During her weekly news conference on Thursday, the California Democrats glitched, repeated words, and again forgot the name of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist “Green New Deal.”

Pelosi began by saying President Donald Trump and the Prime Minister of Ireland were visiting the Capitol Building to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which takes place this weekend.

Pelosi struggled to deliver a coherent sentence, saying “the beauty of immigration to our country of, uh, uh… people coming from Ireland.”

Pelosi then had a brain glitch and had a tough time trying to say Democrats are planning to advance legislation in a “bi-partisan, bi-partisan way.”

“Herd— Hurting families and hungry fam— farmers and hungry families by slashing $220 billion from the SNAP food assistance and cutting Agriculture Department budget by almost 15 percent,” she continued, randomly talking about something else.

A few moments later, she literally forgot the name of the Green New Deal and tried several times to get it right.

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This is hardly the first time Pelosi has struggled mightily when speaking in public.

During a public bill signing last month, Pelosi wished reporters a “Happy Thanksgiving” — Valentine’s Day.

She was only 84 days off, but who is counting?

The comments clearly show that something is wrong with Pelosi and that it is reasonable to question her mental capacity.

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Later in her briefing, Pelosi slurred her words, glitched up while trying to speak, and held up the wrong number of fingers when explaining specific numbers.

The House Speaker kicked off her comments about the bipartisan congressional deal, which will avert the government shutdown and allocate $1.375 billion for the border wall.

Pelosi struggled mightily when asked about it.

“We’ve already had a committee, uh, uh, uh, committees, the, uh— Ways
and Means Committee and the Oversight Committee— Government Reform and
Oversight Committee,” she struggled to say.

Pelosi accidentally said “sentence” instead of “census,” and “far” instead of “fair” when explaining the committees work and how they arrived at the deal.

She then said “we [Democrats] have the six appropriations bills,” before realizing she was holding up five fingers.

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The House Speaker went on to attack President Trump ahead of his plan to declare a national emergency on Friday, but slipped into a stuttering mess.

“The President can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency— it, it, it, it, an illusion that he wants to convey,” she said.

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