The Truth about Exercise Tips for Weight Loss

“Which exercises will make me lose weight?” All of them. Exercise is movement – burning some calories – using and building some muscles. That’s all you need.

So why does it seem like such a mystery?

People who are struggling to lose weight get angry at themselves which makes them very impatient. It didn’t take a week to gain the weight, but you want it off in a week. Once you realize this, you’re ready to change your mindset.

“Make up your mind.” Exercise is a permanent part of your life. I do not recommend exercising and dieting really hard for a few weeks to lose weight then stopping. The reason so many earnestly dieting people gain their weight back is because they made temporary changes (probably difficult ones, too). Throw “temporary” out of your weight loss language.

“I hate to exercise.” You’ll love this solution – scale back. chill out. slow down. You never hear that on an infomercial, do you? When Dr. Dave started running, he couldn’t even run 1 mile. He literally jogged a few yards then walked and kept going. He continued to push himself and increase his distance daily, but he did it gradually.

Make “gradual” and “persistence” your new favorite exercise tips for weight loss. The fat will melt off and stay off.

“Simply do it.” But this is the hard part. Carving out the time in your schedule then prodding yourself to break from old habits. Take a look at Step 2 – Start Walking. It’s the best way to create this “exercise habit.” Walking will serve you well throughout your whole life. You can walk when life gets too stressful and busy.

Dr. Dave’s Story
Increasing Your Exercise

When I was in high school I stayed in shape in order to play soccer. Then I went to college and med school and started walking daily with my wife. That was good, but as I approached 40, I knew that I needed to take it up a notch. I have seen young people die early of preventable diseases such as coronary artery disease (heart attacks) and strokes. I have also seen patients gradually suffer a slow decline in health due to inactivity. Much of this can change with staying in good shape.

So – I decided to run my first 5K with PhenQ. I had 3 months to prepare. I couldn’t run 100 yards without getting wiped out. But, I did it. Ran it – and then ran some more during that first summer. Next, I wanted to run a longer race to see if I could do it. So – I ran a 15k at the end of summer. This entailed almost daily running. It was rewarding because I could see how I was getting stronger and faster and in better shape.

Next I set a goal of a half marathon 6 months later. I did it in 1 hour and 36 minutes- about a 7:15 minute per mile pace. Eight months later I ran my first marathon in 3 hours and 27 minutes. Not bad for going from sucking wind at 100 yards to a full marathon in 18 months.

This was my journey. There are lots of ways to stay in shape – not just running. Biking, swimming, fast walking, skiing – whatever you like to do. Start slow and work your way into it. After 3 months, I missed running if I skipped a few days. Next, work up your length and intensity.

Stay in shape! Believe me, do this to prevent your first bypass surgery and grow up healthy with your kids and grandkids.

It’s worth it.

Source: CSC MediaGroup USA