Donald Trump Jr. hits Newsweek, suggests millions of its Twitter followers are fake


Donald Trump Jr. blasted Newsweek for mischaracterizing his praise for Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens’ testimony on Capitol Hill this week.

Owens had a fiery exchange with Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., who she had accused of taking her out of context after playing a short clip of her invoking Adolf Hitler on the subject of the negative perception of nationalism.

Trump Jr. took to Twitter to express his support for Owens.

“Great to see someone call out the Dems on their purposeful manipulation of facts for their narrative. Since the media runs with anything they say and is the marketing wing of the DNC they aren’t used to getting called out for the repeated BS,” the president’s son tweeted.

Newsweek ran the headline, “Donald Trump Jr. praises Candace Owens for her defense of Hitler comments.”

While the headline was widely criticized, Trump Jr. also weighed in, calling Newsweek a “lying POS.”

He went on to challenge Newsweek’s Twitter page, which has 3.32 million followers. He highlighted what he sees as the lack of likes and retweets the magazine receives on its posts.


“Hey @Newsweek, since you want to lie about me for clickbait, your advertisers may want to know how is it possible to average single digit RTs with 3.3m followers? You guys buying followers to pretend you’re still relevant? It’s nice to have real followers!” Trump Jr. tweeted.

Trump Jr. slightly edges out Newsweek in the number of Twitter followers, currently tallying 3.48 million.

Source: FoxNews

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