Terry McAuliffe causes 2020 confusion after sharing meme depicting him and Trump as a crab, …


Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe sparked speculation that he may enter the Democratic primary ahead of the 2020 presidential election, but sparked confusion in the process.

On Thursday, McAuliffe took to Twitter and shared a meme featuring a crab labeled with his name over an alligator labeled as President Trump.

McAuliffe followed that with another tweet showing an old picture of him wrestling an alligator next to a not-so-flattering image of the president.

“If I could wrestle an 8 ft, 280 lb [alligator], I certainly would have no problem with you know who,” McAuliffe said.

Many on Twitter did not see the second tweet, which offered at least some context for the meme. So people had questions for the Virginia Democrat.

Source: FoxNews

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