Pelosi claps back at Ocasio-Cortez: Her ‘wing’ of socialists is ‘like 5 people’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapped back at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday and made it clear she doesn’t think the New York socialist has that much power.

During an interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Pelosi was asked about Ocasio-Cortez’s rising power in the Democratic Party and the influence she has over other lawmakers.

“So you are contending with a group in Congress: Over here on the left flank are these self-described socialists, on the right, these moderates,” Stahl said. “And you yourself said that you’re the only one who can unify everybody. And the question is can you?”

Pelosi replied, “By and large, whatever orientation they came to
Congress with, they know that we have to hold the center. That we have
to be m– go down the mainstream.”

Stahl then pointed out that it sure looks like the Democratic Party is “fractured.”

“You have these wings – AOC, and her group on one side,” Stahl began.

“That’s like five people,” Pelosi fired back, donning a smirk on her face.

This has already been a tough month for Pelosi.

Last week, Pelosi signed a bill to end U.S. involvement in the Yemen civil war — but she signed her name in the wrong place.

When the 79-year-old California Democrat sat down to sign the bill, she appeared nervous while looking at all of the pens on the table she was going to use to sign the legislation.

After beginning to sign the bill, she exclaimed, “Oops, I did it in the wrong place.”

“I did it in the vice president’s place,” she added.

“Well, he’ll just have to turn an ‘N’ into a, a, something,” she said, apparently meaning an “M” for Vice President Mike Pence.

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While delivering remarks on the House floor earlier this month, the California Democrat suffered a brain freeze, slurred her words, and bizarrely claimed that women are “working for free” for the first three months of a job compared to men.

Her comments came when she spoke about the “Paycheck Fairness Act,” which was recently passed by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

“Now, we’re proud to pass this bill before “Equal Pay Day,” which is on April 2, next week … which symbolizes when women’s wages catch up to a man’s earnings from the previous year,” Pelosi said.

“So, in other words, words…,” she continued, suffering a brain freeze and losing her train of thought before adding, “for the first three months of the year, most women are working for free compared to what a man will make in the overall year.

Pelosi continued, “So, this is about respect. It’s about respect, my colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Respect for women, and the work that they do. And if they do equal work, why wouldn’t they get equal pay?”

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Before that, Pelosi claimed that Republicans only want Rep. Adam Schiff to resign as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee because they are “afraid” of him.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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