Sean Hannity: Hate-Trump media will seek anything in the Mueller report to bash Trump — and it …


The tide is turning dramatically. After this Thursday, the gig is up for the hate-Trump media mob and their Democratic allies, who, for over two and a half years, have been pushing their tin foil hat conspiracy theories and outright lies about collusion.

Now, they don’t know it yet, but it’s done, it is over, it is finished. No collusion, no obstruction. Yes, there’s going to be a few that cling to a few sentences, offer more lies, more fake news, more fake legal analysis. But in the end, they are forever exposed for the liars and partisan hacks that they are. They have put this country, our constitutional republic, in danger.


On Thursday, the Mueller report will be released by Attorney General Barr, and with only minor, legally mandated redactions. And it will be the final nail in the coffin to the credibility of America’s biggest Russia collusion conspiracy theory.

It’s over for the so-called reporters at The Washington Post and The New York Times. They actually won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for perpetrating a hoax. Now, that prize, frankly, should be revoked. I think it could be rewarded to the real journalists, the real investigative reporters that “Hannity” has every night on the show and my radio show — the people who have been right the entire time. These people, all along, have been exposing, layer by layer, every single issue involving what is the biggest abuse of power and obstruction scandal in history.


The only difference is, they have evidence that has been reported over the course of two years on “Hannity.” And unlike so many in the media mob, we are not blinded by hate. We follow the truth, the evidence, due process. Sadly, the same cannot be said about the media mob. They reported their anti-Trump garbage, lies, propaganda, over and over again with their anonymous sources. And, of course, they’re just doing the Democrats’ bidding. They are tied at the hip, with manufactured crisis.


And on Thursday, they will want to bludgeon President Trump — predictably one last time — with all the phony lying outrage they’ll be able to manufacture. That has been their goal all along, by any and all means necessary, and they will have only one day left.

But that’s what the president is up against and has been up against from day one. Now, if the president cured cancer and gave every American $5 million and adopted their sick agenda, they would still hate him. 

Here’s my prediction: When the Mueller report is released on Thursday, the same people that have lied all along are going to find something — anything — in the report to bludgeon the president. And by the way, once again, it’s not going to work.

Adapted from Sean Hannity’s monologue from “Hannity” on April 16, 2019.

Source: FoxNews

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