Mika: Warren should do Fox townhall despite its viewers condoning Trump’s ‘racist corruption’


MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski is taking shots at Fox News, its viewers, and those who support President Donald Trump.

During a segment Wednesday on “Morning Joe,” the panel began by discussing Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren declining an invitation to do a town hall on Fox News because she said the network is a “hate-for-profit racket.”

Brzezinski said she wants Warren to do a town hall on Fox News even though the network and its viewers condone Trump’s “racist corruption.”

Brzezinski said “just because there’s a bunch of good journalists who work there doesn’t erase what’s going on there, which one could argue is exactly as Elizabeth Warren describes it.”

She then claimed that there’s “a direct connection from a corrupt president who is a racist, to megaphones who people who pedal it. That does happen on Fox. That is clear.”

Then she argued that a “presidential candidate should be able to walk into any situation, walk into any fire, and have the confidence and the ability to put it out, by spreading the democratic values and his or her beliefs.” She ultimately landed on her position that Democratic Presidential candidates “should go into Fox and do all the town halls they can do. Fox, you could argue, is smart to be doing these. That’s a sign of some sort of change.”

Brzezinski rounded out her comments by arguing that Democratic candidates who appear on Fox News have the right to “say whatever” they want about the anchors, which sounds like she is urging candidates to smear Fox hosts.

Brzezinski has been on a roll lately with mind-boggling comments.

Earlier this month, the MSNBC host said she wants women who have been inappropriately touched and groped by Joe Biden to move on and get over it.

During a segment on “Morning Joe,” Brzezinski went ballistic and slammed ABC’s Robin Roberts for asking Biden in an interview about his unwanted touching.

After playing a clip of the Good Morning America interview between Roberts and Biden, Brzezinski exclaimed: “The amount of time that was spent on Biden’s hugs —  This is a guy who has hugged five to ten million people and they love the fact that he’s touchy and huggy and they run to him. And five women are uncomfortable with the way they hugged him.”

Brzezinski actually argued that women “love” when Biden is “touchy and huggy” with them.

Brzezinski then went after Lucy Flores and the other women who came forward last month and recounted instances in which Biden touched them without their consent and made them feel uncomfortable.

“One of them says she [sic] smelled his hair, I can promise you, I know Joe Biden. He went up behind her and took a deep breath because he was about to go on stage. I want to explain that because there was a woman who accused him of smelling her hair. He’s not interested in your hair!” Brzezinski shouted.


Mika apparently just wants to make sure Uncle Joe is allowed to smell, kiss, and rub noses with women without being criticized for it.

And now she’s attacking Fox News and its viewers for condoning what she alleges is Trump’s “racist corruption.”


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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