MSNBC’S Todd stutters, frets over Dems lack of ‘strategery’ to take down Trump


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd is not happy about Democrats’ lack of “strategery” to take down President Donald Trump.

During a segment on Tuesday’s “Meet The Press Daily,” Todd stuttered, struggled to use actual words, and was literally up in arms over Democrats not having a plan to impeach Trump.

“If it is Tuesday, where is the Democratic Party’s strategery,” he huffed, mispronouncing the word.

At the same time, the administration is reportedly rebuffed at least 79 requests from Democrats for documents and other information.

There’s subpoenas for the full Mueller Report, for Trump’s taxes, Trump’s financial records, for White House documents following Don McGahn, Mueller’s star witness, you name it. The administration has not complied. And Republicans in Congress are essentially supporting the stonewall.

So today, Democrats scheduled a hearing for McGahn, it is unclear if he will show up. There are threats of contempt, censure, fines, and jail time just don’t seem to be moving the ball on any of these probes.

“At some point as leader of the Congressional Democrats, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi going to set some parameters as to when are they going to draw the line and where do lines get drawn,” Todd demanded to know.

The MSNBC host, who was visibly boiling hot at this point, really wanted to know when “Democrats were going to try to take control of this situation.”

“It seems as if congressional Democrats didn’t — I think that Speaker Pelosi and frankly Chairman Cummings and Chairman Schiff and Chairman Nadler all thought, ‘you know, they’ll eventually cooperate, they’re not going to do this.’ Oh, yes, they are,” Todd mocked.

So much for being a fair and balanced journalist.

It’s unclear what Todd thinks Trump should be impeached for given
the Mueller report clearly states that there’s no evidence that the president colluded or obstructed justice.

Todd probably doesn’t even know the answer to that, but he just wants Democrats to move quicker with impeachment.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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