Democrats Don’t Want to be Embarrassed


The Democrats legal attacks on Trump are all just theater.

They won’t carry them any further, because they know that they would be embarrassed by our courts and their arguments would be made invalid.

So, instead, the Democrats will continue to make false statements about Trump’s legal positions in the hopes that the media will continue to report on it so breathlessly.

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Tom McClintock: I think the whole thing is silly. Pretty much every president since Harry Truman has directed his subordinates to ignore Congressional subpoenas and the courts have backed them every single time and there is a reason for that. The Executive and Legislative branches are independent, separate and co-equal. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot, for example. Could President Trump compel Jerry Nadler’s general counsel to come to the White House and testify under oath to his discussion with Jerry Nadler? Of course not. Neither can Jerry Nadler compel the president’s general counsel to do so.

Fox News: I don’t think I’m misreading, there seems to be undercurrent the president is doing something wrong by or untrue by telling people not to testify or be compelled by subpoenas. Is he?

Tom McClintock: No. In fact, the Congress actually subpoenaed Harry Truman and his subordinates to appear after he left office, and he refused and the courts backed him up. This is consistent over many, many decades of jurisprudence. The whole thing is a political exercise and Jerry Nadler is not going to take this to court, he knows if he did, he would be completely humiliated. He wants the grievance, not the substance.

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