Forget calling Trump supporters “deplorables,” twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is now implying that those who support the president and share information from him are “sexist trash.”

During a speech over the weekend for the Harris County Democratic Party in Texas, Clinton claimed President Trump is “scared” of Rep. Nancy Pelosi and falsely accused the president of spreading a “doctored” video of the House Speaker.

Last week, Trump shared a video compilation that showed several instances of Pelosi slurring her words and struggling mightily to deliver coherent sentences.

Like many in the liberal media, Clinton falsely claimed the video was “doctored” and “edited” to inaccurately portray Pelosi.

“Just look at what’s happened in the last 24 hours, the president and his cronies have been running around spreading a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi,” she said. “Now it is sexist trash, but it’s also a sign that Trump is running scared.”

Certainly appears that Clinton referred to those who share Trump’s content as “sexist trash.”

Watch the clip below:

[embedded content]

On Thursday, Trump shared a Fox Business compilation of Pelosi stammering, stuttering, and having a very tough time speaking coherently.

In the video below shared by Trump, it’s important to note that it is not “doctored,” it is a compilation.

That means Fox Business, like almost every other media outlet in the country, took several clips from Pelosi’s entire press conference and pieced it together to make the video shorter.

Media companies do this to create shorter videos that present only the most important quotes or information. Rather than sharing an 18-minute video, media outlets will condense it to maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute to only show the most important aspects.

Not a single thing in the video was edited or doctored — Pelosi legitimately sounds that bad on her own.


Trump’s feud with Pelosi hit overdrive last week after a tense meeting at the White House, which also included Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Roughly an hour before Schumer and Pelosi went to the White House to meet with Trump about a bipartisan measure on infrastructure, the Speaker egregiously accused the president of being involved in a criminal conspiracy.

Pelosi has been making a slew of controversial remarks lately and continues to struggle mightily to deliver relatively easy speeches.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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