CNN’S Toobin mad primary states may hurt Dems: People of NH, Iowa ‘should go to hell’

The 2020 presidential election is roughly 17 months away, but some liberals are already worried about whether the Democrats can defeat President Donald Trump.

And rather than offer a viable plan to win over voters, a prominent CNN analyst believes the Democrats’ key to winning is to slander voters in certain states.

During a segment Tuesday morning on CNN’s “New Day,” network analyst Jeffrey Toobin lost his mind over earlier primary states hurting “good” Democratic candidates, saying people in New Hampshire and Iowa “should go to hell.”

Below is a partial transcript of the exchange:

GOLODRYGA: “Within the primaries, you’re looking at Joe Biden really wanting to bypass any competition internally amongst Democrats. He is focused on the President. I think his bigger issue, at least over the next few months, is standing out among the other nominees, and not to assume that he is the presumptive nominee s well.”
TOOBIN: “Can I say something with love to the people of New Hampshire and Iowa?”
CAMEROTA: “I’m sure they’ll feel it that way.”
TOOBIN: “They should go to hell. Why do they get to see all the presidential candidates and the other 48 states don’t get to see them? Who elected them?”
CAMEROTA: “That is a love letter.”
TOOBIN: “Really.”
CAMEROTA: “That is a love letter.”
GOLODRYGA: “I’m not co-signing.”


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CNN has made it more than clear in recent weeks how badly they want Trump defeated in 2020 — no matter what the cost is.

Last month, network contributor and Democratic strategist Paul Begala said he wants to beat Trump so badly that he would vote for a Democrat who shot his dog if it meant that Democrat could beat the president in the election.

“This is what I’m looking for: I’m a JFK Democrat,” Begala said. “I will pay any price, bear any burden, support any friend, oppose any foe to ensure the defeat of Donald J. Trump. You could be for Medicare-For-All or not, you could shoot my dog and if I think you can beat Trump, I’m going to be for you.”


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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