Angry Pelosi snaps on CNN reporter for asking about Trump; ‘I’m done!’


Is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi starting to crack? This has not been a good month for the California Democrat, and it got even worse on Tuesday.

While speaking with CNN’s Manu Raju at an event at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2019 Fiscal Summit, Pelosi was visibly frustrated and angered by questions about President Donald Trump.

It didn’t matter what the question was; if Trump’s name was mentioned, Pelosi was not having it. At one point, she was so angered that she shouted, “I’m done with that!”

Raju began by asking Pelosi about Trump’s migration deal with Mexico, which was reached over the weekend after the president threatened to slap Mexico with a 5 percent tariff if they did not begin doing more to combat immigrants marching towards America.

“Another issue over the weekend was the president backing off his threat on tariffs on Mexico, he says that he deserves credit for enforcing, forcing Mexico to take a tougher line on the immigration issue. Do you think the president…” Raju began.

Pelosi cut him off, interrupting him to rudely say, “If I had been invited to talk about the president, I would have had more important work to do at home.”

“But do you think the president deserves credit?” Raju followed-up.

Still looking frustrated, Pelosi shot back: “No. Everybody knows that those issues were, if they were agreed to, they were agreed to long before the president made the announcement, a, but they were designed to take your attention away from the Mueller report, look at the timing.”

“But the fact is that I come here, each year, very complimented to have the invitation of the Peterson family,” Pelosi continued.

“I want to ask you a question about the budget,” Raju said.

“Oh my goodness! “Glory hallelujah!” Pelosi mockingly said, with members of the crowd applauding.

Pelosi then accused Raju of actually being in cahoots with the White House to derail her at the event.

“But I will not be part of the diversion tactics of the White House that you are obviously into,” Pelosi said


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Earlier this month, Pelosi came under fire for claiming that people who want President Trump impeached are “patriots” who love their country.

Pelosi continues to make the perfect case for term limits in Congress.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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