Meghan McCain leaving or getting the boot?

ABC’s “The View” may have just pushed away its resident conservative Meghan McCain.

A bombshell report from The Daily Beast reveals that McCain is exhausted and mentally drained from being attacked every single day by all of the other liberal co-hosts on the show.

Things have reportedly gotten so bad that McCain is reportedly considering not renewing her contract with ABC in September.

One source told the Beast that the former Fox News host is feeling exhausted, defeated, and “like a caged animal.”

The source added: “It’s getting to the point where it’s not worth the emotional toll every week.”

In response to the report, an ABC spokesperson said: “The co-hosts and The View have had an incredible season and we expect them all back for an epic year ahead.”

The View Executive Producer Hilary Estey McLoughlin doesn’t believe McCain will leave and said the show is “happy” to have McCain.

“She realizes it’s a very good platform for her and we love having her there. I feel like she will come back.”

Yeah, what’s not to love about being ambushed, smeared, insulted, and attacked everyday by left-wing hacks like Joy Behar?

Here’s a brief list of just a few of the contentious exchanges between McCain and her co-hosts recently on The View:

—McCain unleashes on Behar; ‘Don’t feel bad for me, b*tch!’

—Joy Behar calls Meghan McCain ‘entitled b**ch,’ threatens to quit ‘The View’

—McCain hammers Behar, Hostin over migrant caravan; ‘Did you just accuse me of not telling the truth?”

—McCain nukes Behar for Hitler comment, claiming Trump’s paving way for kids to be racist


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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