Omar uses July 4th holiday to demand ‘eliminating’ Border Patrol agents

Muslim Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota used the Fourth of July holiday to demand “eliminating” U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and those who work for the immigration agency.

During an interview on BET’s digital series “Black Coffee Live” with Marc Lamont Hill, who was fired from CNN after calling for Israel to be eliminated, Omar said it’s time to discuss “eliminating their existence” when asked about Border Patrol.

“We have rogue agencies that have no accountability, no transparency, in how they conduct their business,” Omar said.

“We know that they have spoken in the most vile ways about immigrants. We know that they have certain views about, you know, what brown and black people deserve. And so we should be having a conversation about eliminating their existence.”

“We are continuing to allow for them to terrorize people who are running away from them, you know, most horrific circumstances and that’s one inhumane and that can’t sit well with the American values that we have,” Omar also added.


Omar has come under heavy fire several times in recent months for making controversial comments.

While speaking from the floor of the House of Representatives in May, Omar smeared people of faith and insulted pro-life Americans.

When she’s not smearing people of faith and insulting pro-life Americans, Omar says Trump voters are “ignorant.”

The Muslim lawmaker also stunned many when she described the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks as “some people did something.”


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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