The media is working overtime to help Joe Biden’s struggling campaign. With so many Democratic candidates becoming too radical, liberal media elites clearly see Creepy Joe is their best hope to take on President Donald Trump in the 2020 general election.

But in their latest attempt to swoop in and save the former vice president, they actually proved Biden can’t even come close to drawing a crowd near what Trump has done on a routine basis.

It all began on Sunday when several liberal reporters began tweeting that Biden had an “overflow” crowd in Charleston, South Carolina.

This “overflow” crowd, they all claimed, had less 750 people. While that number is certainly not anywhere comparable to the crowds that Trump draws, images from the event appear to show the media got caught in a major lie about the true size of the crowd.

Let’s take a look at that massive, “overflow” crowd:

Notice how the few images from the event are angled and don’t show the back of the room?

This is what they did with Hillary Clinton so people couldn’t see that the room was actually not full.

I mean, Biden is literally exciting hundreds of people.

For comparison, Trump drew an estimated 19,792 people in Orlando, Florida, for his official re-election announcement a few months ago. That’s more than 20 times the size of the Biden “overflow” crowd.

Maybe the media should focus on real stories involving Biden rather than lying about how he couldn’t even get more than 400 people in a room to listen to him speak.

If the media is looking for a story, they should ask Biden why he threatened to physically assault President Trump, called the president’s supporters “dregs of society,” and called a conservative reporter a “real prick.”


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