The ongoing battle between President Donald Trump and Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings kicked up a notch this week when liberal Fox contributor Juan Williams used his platform to smear the president.

During a segment on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom,” a panel began discussing Trump’s tweets from last week, where he slammed Cummings for allowing Baltimore, which is part of the district he represents, to become “rat infested,” “filthy,” and “overrun with crime.”

Trump also raised questions about Cummings’ allegedly misusing federal funds that were supposed to be used to help clean up his district.

This sent Williams over the edge.

Williams shouted: “There is no reason for anybody to allege that Elijah Cummings is a thief. That is just low.”

He then added for clarity “It shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t come
from anyone to a sitting member of Congress unless you have some
evidence. It certainly shouldn’t come from the White House.”

Fox contributor Charlie Hurt jumped in to defend Trump, arguing that the president is not racist and that it’s unfair to smear POTUS like Democrats are.

Hurt explained that Trump is “an equal opportunity offender when it
comes to being combative, but everything is about race, it is crazy.”

Williams interrupted Hurt so he could declare that Trump “goes after people of color, he excites racial passions in this country.”

Williams continued by claiming Trump “went after those four congresswomen” and said “get them out of here. This is divisive and rank language. And I think it hits people of color in a specific way.”

“They are a vulnerable population,” Williams noted. “And you are absolutely going after them with a vengeance that suggests — and again, you look at what is going on in the country, a spike in terms of hate crimes. White nationalism, the FBI director says, is the biggest source of terrorism in this country.”

Williams comments were so far off the reservation that even Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer jumped in and asked Williams: “Criminal justice reform, decriminalizing marijuana, how do you feel about all that?”

Hemmer argued that Trump doesn’t see race and that his judgment on issues that affect African-Americans should be taken in totality, such as passing Criminal Justice reform and record low unemployment.

“Hasn’t some of his policies helped African Americans?” Hemmer asked.

“I can go back and start talking about the Justice Department suing him and his company and dad for discriminating against black people,” Williams shot back. “I can go back to the birther movement.”


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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