Newspaper: Civitas Poll gives Cooper commanding lead over Forest


The July issue of NC Capitol Connection shows Gov. Roy Cooper with a commanding ten-point lead over potential Republican nominee Lt. Gov. Dan Forest. The statewide poll was conducted June 8-10. While there is still plenty of time before the 2020 election, the double-digit lead is certainly a positive sign for Cooper’s reelection prospects. Overall, Cooper has polled well in Civitas Polls and consistently receives an approval rating over 50 percent.

Given that Forest was the top state-wide voter getter on the ballot in 2016, he’s obviously still expected to be a formidable candidate if he secures the Republican nomination for governor. Forest received more votes than President Donald Trump or Cooper. Civitas will continue tracking the big political races across the state all the way up to the election.

Civitas elections expert Andy Jackson explains in this issue just how close 2020 is shaping up to be. Currently, Republicans and Democrats are evenly divided and obviously, North Carolina will receive considerable national attention from the presidential candidates. Republicans have carried North Carolina at the presidential level every time except for once since 1980. Then-presidential candidate Barack Obama narrowly defeated former Sen. John McCain in 2008. A winning streak Democrats will desperately be looking to interrupt again.



Source: Civitas Institute

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